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Mastering the moving target

Back in the 1970s, computers were clunky and the only way to make visual music was with a towering, looming machine. Flash forward to the age of super powerful computers

The perseverance in creativity

There are lots of theories out there about creativity from Skinner’s theory that creative people are no more original than a chicken laying an egg…

Dr. Seuss and Visual Music

And then Bill read The Cat in the Hat and saw this crazy representation of the world…

Are alternative realities politically incorrect?

In this context, I feel compelled to add a disclaimer: when we encourage people to check out an alternative reality, we are not suggesting that the science of climate change is a personal choice or that the past can be mutated for the convenience of those in power.

Creating colors in a shadow world

When you work in a range too dark for the cones in the eyes to perceive, you can create images that the viewer half sees and half imagines. This is designing in the scotopic range…

Inventing colors in VR

In environments where an artist has total control over the optics, colors can be created which do not exist in normal environments. Blues can be created that are more blue

The ephemeral nature of color in VR

Our eyes' retinal chemicals are constantly adjusting to visual input. This means that even if the physical colors on the screen stay the same …

Seeing color in a HMD

Light does not have color—and our perception of color is relative. You might not notice this in a brightly lit room but put on a HMD