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VMS Player: Download the VMS Player to get the highest resolution, best head tracking, fastest responses, accurate colors, highest contrast, and smallest downloads. It requires an Oculus CV1 headset plus a good GPU card such as Nvidia 1070, 1080 or 980ti.

To use this format, download the VMS player here follow the instructions to install the player, and then download the recording in VMS format.

Once the player is installed and the recording is downloaded, click on the OpenRecording tab and select the downloaded recording. This is a beta version of the player. If you have any issues, please send a note to The player may ask you about disabling the Oculus 'spud' in order to correct the black level problems in the Oculus software - see the discussion here.

Support for other HMDs: We are currently developing support for the HTC Vive as well as providing a version that will work with the old Oculus devKits.

MP4: We will be posting an MP4 version that can be used if you don't have a system adequate to run the VMS player. It will contain the recording in the stereoscopic panoramic 4K format as used by the Firefox/MozillaVR and other VR players.

Viewing Instructions

The composition is best viewed in a dark room using a full sound system at loud volume rather than headphones.

Production Credits


Sun Ra: Keyboards and synthesizer

John Gilmore: Tenor saxophone, clarinet

Marshall Allen: Alto saxophone

James Jacson: Bassoon, flute, drum

Tyrone Hill: Trombone

Earl "Buster" Smith: Drums

Knoel Scott: Alto saxophone

Jothan Callins: Bass

Charles Davis: Baritone saxophone

Elson (Dos Santos) Nascimento: Percussion

Michael Ray: Trumpet

Ahmed Abdullah: Trumpet

Fred Adams: Trumpet

Clifford Barbaro: Drums

Chris Capers: Trumpet, flugelhorn

Teddy Thomas: Percussion

Executive producer for WNYC: Allison Chernow

"Yeah Man!" composed by J. Russel Robinson / Noble Sissle, originally performed by Fletcher Henderson.

This version was originally released on the album "Sun Ra at Inter--Media Arts" by Sun Ra and His Arkestra, available at Amazon

Recorded at the Inter--Media Arts Center, Huntington, New York, on April 20, 1991

Produced for radio by Eileen Delahunty

Engineers: Edward Haber, Michael DeMark, Karen Burdick

Prepared for digital release by Irwin Chusid for Sun Ra LLC

All audio performance rights © Sun Ra LLC, visit

Current info on the Sun Ra Arkestra tour dates available at Sunraarkerstra


Bill Sebastian: OVC-3D

Bob Eastwood

Yulia Yelkhimova

Ned Resnikoff

Joshua Slocum

Recorded August, 2016 at Visual Music Systems, Boston. 3D imagery © VisualMusicSystems, 2016

Texture artwork used in this composition was provided by the following artists courtesy of

Frank Rohde

Stan Tiberiu Loredan

Giorgio Perich


Valeriy Novikov

Mariya Ermolaeva


Chris Green


Egor Tkachenko