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View a 2D version of the composition. For highest quality, view in a dark room, up close to the monitor

Watch 3D video

View a 360 video of the composition. For highest quality, use an OLED headset.

Experience visual music

Our recommended VR viewing experience. Composition included in VMS Player download.

About the composition

Sun Ra: Atlantis from the album Atlantis

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Album description:  “An epic, 22-minute sonic tapestry, built around Sun Ra’s aggressive free (or “Space”) jazz keyboard improvisations. Recorded at the Olatunji Center for African Culture” (From Album Notes, August 4, 1967).

Audio Credits

On sound organ and solar sun instrument: Sun Ra
On tenor saxophone and percussion: John Gilmore
On baritone saxophone and flute: Pat Patrick
On alto saxophone and oboe: Marshall Allen
On alto saxophone and flute: Danny Thompson
On alto saxophone: Danny Davis
On trumpet: Wayne Harris and Akh Tal Ebah
On trombone: Ali Hassan
On drums and lightning drum: Robert Barry
On space drums: Carl Nimrod
On log drums: James Jacson

Visual Notes

Performed by Bill Sebastian on the OVC-3D at a live performance at VMS Studios, Boston, MA on April 22, 2018. 

Texture Credits

The OVC-3D synthesizer uses two-dimensional artwork as textures on small billboards that can be mapped thousands of times into the scene.  The original artwork might be squeezed into a few pixels on the screen, but often the textures are large enough to appreciate the beauty of the 2D art.  We have not been creating the 2D art at VMS, but rather licensing it as stock photos from  We want to give credit to the artists responsible for this art and give you the opportunity to check some of their other works.  The names listed below are the names the artists use on, and the links will take you to the location of their original artwork on  If you click on the artwork, you can navigate to the artists’ portfolios at  Artists who have multiple textures have brackets after their names with links to the additional works.