Visual Music Systems

Visual Music.

Where the music is seen and the lights are heard.

Visual music is a new art form. A visual musician expresses the energy of music through movement and images.

The visual performance can track the melodies tightly, so that each note seems to be triggered by the visual dance. Or the visuals can serve as a counterpoint, adding rhythms and dimensions beyond the audio arrangement.
As the notes soar from the instruments in the band, the images on screen swoop and fly in time with the music, creating a fusion of music and art unlike any other. 

This isn’t art created by machines. This is art created by musicians, musicians exploring new frontiers of art and music. Visual musicians play their compositions in virtual reality, creating new worlds of sensation. 

Imagine putting on a headset. Instead of seeing the dreary world of everyday, you see a magical dreamland. A land you swoop through in time to the beat of a drum, following a mystical dancer that twists and turns to the melody, soaring past instruments made of lights. At Visual Music Systems, that is what we have created. A landscape of  music ready for you to download, view, and explore. Are you ready to leave the ordinary behind? If you are,  install the VMS player, download a composition, watch a video of our shows, contact us, or learn to create your own music using the VMS Performer tool.