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Discipline 27

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About the composition

Sun Ra Arkestra under the direction of Marshall Allen: Discipline 27 from the album Live at the Paradox

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Album description:  “For 55 years, the Sun Ra Arkestra has imperturbably maintained the grand tradition of the legendary big bands of the Swing Era. But the star-studded cast of the fourteen-piece orchestra is also ready to blast off any time to any sphere of sound, true to their motto space is the place. The Sun Ra Arkestra’s steadfast spirit of freedom and creativity, its innovative strength and exuberant enthusiasm inspired about 3,000 listeners at the ZXZW festival in Tilburg, the Netherlands. As Artists in Residence, the Arkestra performed on five evenings at the Paradox Music Club from September 15th to 20th. Each of these concerts appeared to be a Big Bang. Live at the Paradox was recorded on the very last evening of this memorable concert series, combining jazz history and immortal myth. Founded in 1954 by piano genius, master composer, arranger and mystic visionary Sun Ra, the Sun Ra Arkestra continues to be an important stimulus and source of inspiration.” (From Album Notes, 2009).

Audio Credits

Leader, alto saxophone, eletronic wind instrument, flute, clarinet, and vocals: Marshall Allen
On alto saxophone and vocals: Knoel Scott*On bass: Juini Booth
On drums: Wayne A. Smith Jr.*
On guitar: Dave Hotep
On percussion [bars] and flute: Rey Scott* and Danny Thompson*
On piano and organ: Farid Barron
On surdo:  Elson Nascimento
On tenor saxophone: Charles Davis  and Yahya Abdul Majid*
On trombone and tuba: Dave Davis
On trumpet: Cecil Brooks and Fred Adams
Producer: Marshall Allen
Engineer, editing and mastering: Winne Leyh
Engineer, mastering: Klangstudio Leyh
Engineer, recording: Marc Broer, Willem Feenstra
Graphic design: Ulf Ryberg
Photography and liner notes: Sibylle Zerr
Photography: Frank Schindelbeck and  Manfred Rinderspacher
Producer [For In+out Records]:  Frank Kleinschmidt
Recording: Art Sound

Visual Notes

Performed by Bill Sebastian on the OVC-3D. Multi-track composition recorded March 18-27, 2020.  See credits above for VMS personnel and texture map credits.

Texture Credits

The OVC-3D synthesizer uses two-dimensional artwork as textures on small billboards that can be mapped thousands of times into the scene.  The original artwork might be squeezed into a few pixels on the screen, but often the textures are large enough to appreciate the beauty of the 2D art.  We have not been creating the 2D art at VMS, but rather licensing it as stock photos from  We want to give credit to the artists responsible for this art and give you the opportunity to check some of their other works.  The names listed below are the names the artists use on, and the links will take you to the location of their original artwork on  If you click on the artwork, you can navigate to the artists’ portfolios at  Artists who have multiple textures have brackets after their names with links to the additional works.