Visual Music Systems


Taking control of visual reality

Somebody else’s idea of somebody else’s world, is not my idea of things as they are…

Some chosen source, as was, need not be, the only pattern to build a world on.

– Sun Ra



Want to have everything you imagine become visible as quickly as you think of it?

To see your magical dreamworlds instantaneously transformed into a reality that others can share?

Musicians have been doing this with sound for thousands of years. After spending years practicing an instrument, you no longer have to think about playing it. Playing it becomes automatic – worlds of sound travel through you and out into the reality you share with your friends. And for those thousands of years, everyone has had to shut their eyes to avoid distractions from the non-musical world we inhabit.

But now it is safe to open your eyes – because musicians are taking control over visual reality.

While we are using hardware developed for “virtual reality”, we have no interest in creating images that resemble a reality that we finding boring and tedious.

We want to make alternate realities using the eyes not to process data, but to feel things that have never been touched. We want the dance after it has been liberated from the dancer.

We avoid making patterns that could remind anyone of anything – we send out energy bursts that repurpose the human visual system from an information collector into a pathway for sensory adventure.

We  have been working many years to make this happen. We have written more than a million lines of computer code and created rooms full of hardware to make these experiences possible.

Check out our art. Download a composition. Enjoy!